Saturday, January 29, 2011

Faith and Science WEEK!!

Once again the TWU Biology Club is hosting the "Faith and Science Week" on the Langley Campus. Every night from Monday to Thursday at 7pm there will be guest speakers presenting current issues that face our society today and a Christian response to them. All sessions will be held in RNT 125 at 7:00pm.

Dr. Bob Doede will be presenting on Transhumanism

Dr. Dennis Venema will be presenting on the chimp/human debate and the theory of common ancestry

Dr. Anthony Siame will be presenting on GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) and their impact on todays food resources and economy.

Dr. Christopher Morrissey will be speaking on the right to food and water as applied to the bottled water debate

After every session there will be a question and answer period with the presenter. After the seminar on thursday there Dr. Morrissey will be joined with Dr. Siame for an extended question period on all the topics presented during the week.

Free food and beverages will be provided during each session.

Once again the sessions will be at 7 pm in room RNT 125.

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